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Resurgent Financial Advisors offers independent advisors two custom ways to partner with us: either through affiliation or acquisition.
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Watch advisors discuss how partnering with Resurgent Advisors was the right solution for their practice.

Resurgent's Presentation to Financial Advisors


East Franklin Capital

Matt Pohlman and Luke Wolf of East Franklin Capital talk about joining Resurgent while growing their firm, maintaining identity and focusing on clients.


Peachtree Financial Group

Stuart Canzeri and David Hughes, partners of Peachtree Financial Group, were looking for additional capital to support their marketing efforts to expand their successful niche of college financial planning.


Encompass Financial

Mike Perros, Founder and CEO of Encompass Financial, wanted more time to focus on his clients, outsource time-consuming back office tasks and to support long-term succession plans.

Why Resurgent Advisors?


  • Introductions to and expert facilitation of retiring advisor practice transactions
  • Succession planning and internal recruiting
  • Capital funding for branding, marketing and social media outreach
  • Alleviation of time-consuming operational tasks increases time to focus on clients best interests
  • Entrepreneurial network fosters collegial exchange of ideas, strategies and connections


  • Multi-Custodian choice with enhanced, customized reporting packages
  • Operational Services providing: Accounting, Human Resources, Compliance, Technology Management
  • Data aggregation using the latest portfolio accounting software
  • Robust rebalancing engine with tax loss harvesting
  • Transparent, flexible billing, client portal and mobile app
  • Integration with financial planning software and CRM


  • You set advisor payouts, growth strategy and practice objectives
  • You continue to manage your business and own the client relationships
  • Every financial advisor owns preferred equity in Resurgent
  • Financial advisors have the largest representation on Resurgent's board
  • Advisor approval is required for any future firm ownership change
  • All written in contract

How does Resurgent help advisors succeed?

We assume responsibility for compliance & regulatory interaction; we provide operations support & problem-solving; we handle payroll, accounting & HR; we assist with staff recruiting.

What is your vision for your future? Resurgent would like to know more about that first – and plan how together we can realize it.