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Peachtree Financial Group

Stuart Canzeri and David Hughes, partners of Peachtree Financial Group, discuss how partnering with Resurgent Financial Advisors was the right choice at the right time for their Atlanta firm and their clients.


Encompass Financial

Mike Perros, Founder and CEO of Encompass Financial, speaks about how partnering with Resurgent Financial Advisors as an advisor was the right choice for him and his clients.

Resurgent seeks to acquire financial advisory firms and to recruit financial advisors from national and regional firms. We seek entrepreneurial advisors who share our values and will enhance our corporate culture. We offer them the opportunity to succeed in a supportive, flexible and technologically advanced environment.

Why is Resurgent different?

We enhance an entrepreneurial advisor's success through our G.E.T.T. approach (Growth - Equity - Time - Tools):


We have the capital and the transactional expertise to facilitate:
  • Acquisition of other firms in the advisor's area
  • Recruitment of additional advisors
  • Purchase of client books from retiring advisors at other firms
  • Succession planning


Our advisors are our partners:
  • Every financial advisor owns equity in Resurgent
  • Our unique structure limits downside risk without capping upside potential
  • As Resurgent grows, so does the value of its equity
  • Financial advisors have the largest representation on our board
  • Our equity value is transparent and liquid


We free up financial advisors' time by:
  • Assuming responsibility for compliance and regulatory interaction
  • Providing operational support and problem-solving
  • Handling accounting, human resources, IT and marketing


We have expertise to enhance the client experience through:
  • Data aggregation using the latest portfolio accounting software
  • Conversion of historical data
  • Enhanced custom reporting packages and eNotification
  • Robust rebalancing engine with tax loss harvesting
  • Transparent, flexible billing
  • Client Portal and Mobile App
  • Integrations with financial planning software and CRM

How does Resurgent help advisors succeed?

We assume responsibility for compliance & regulatory interaction; we provide operations support & problem-solving; we handle payroll, accounting & HR; we assist with staff recruiting.

What is your vision for your future? Resurgent would like to know more about that first – and plan how together we can realize it.

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