Asset Management

Asset Management Picture

Encompass Financial Advisors provides personalized support through fee-based asset management programs, allowing us to guide the investor through the array of tools necessary to pursue his or her financial goals. Professionals from Encompass Financial Advisors help the investor set investment objectives, determine appropriate levels of risk, construct a proper asset allocation portfolio, select the appropriate investment managers, and measure and evaluate the performance of investment management relative to benchmarks through quarterly monitoring and performance reports.

Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against loss.

Encompass Wealth Management Focus Areas

We have identified 13 essential focus areas that we feel must be addressed in the lives of most of the people we serve. Some of these focus areas may not presently apply to your situation. You may also have multiple focus areas, and you can prioritize the order of importance as you choose to address them. It is important that you include all members of your professional team in the planning process, including your attorney, tax professional, and financial advisor.


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