Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning Picture

One of the most important decisions clients face during their lifetime is how to handle their retirement assets at retirement. In this asset distribution phase, it is critically important that clients properly structure their retirement funds to best suit their needs within their risk tolerances. We understand clients do not have the time or the means to recover from inordinate losses due to excess risk. Therefore, we approach this phase in our client's life with a great deal of listening, educating, and planning in order to help ensure that what is asked for is pursued with appropriate expectation of return. To ultimately work toward a comfortable retirement.

Encompass Wealth Management Focus Areas

We have identified 13 essential focus areas that we feel must be addressed in the lives of most of the people we serve. Some of these focus areas may not presently apply to your situation. You may also have multiple focus areas, and you can prioritize the order of importance as you choose to address them. It is important that you include all members of your professional team in the planning process, including your attorney, tax professional, and financial advisor.


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