Corporate Executive Services

Corporate Executive Services Picture

Encompass Financial Advisors possesses the knowledge and experience required to offer guidance and support to corporations and their executives as they face the varied, and often complicated, issues relating to employee ownership of their company's stock. Encompass Financial Advisors is equipped to handle such complex issues on both a corporate and an individual basis, such as Cashless Stock Option Exercises, Control & Restricted Stock sales, Rule 10b5-1 Plans, and Lending on Control & Restricted Stock. Encompass Financial Advisors specializes in helping meet the needs of working professionals such as physicians, dentists, chiropractic practitioners, veterinarians, and those with leadership roles in privately held businesses.

Encompass Wealth Management Focus Areas

We have identified 13 essential focus areas that we feel must be addressed in the lives of most of the people we serve. Some of these focus areas may not presently apply to your situation. You may also have multiple focus areas, and you can prioritize the order of importance as you choose to address them. It is important that you include all members of your professional team in the planning process, including your attorney, tax professional, and financial advisor.


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