Corporate & Individual Retirement Plans

Corporate & Individual Retirement Plans Picture

Individual or Corporate Retirement Accounts are attractive savings vehicles that can help you pursue your financial objectives. With the tax law changes in 2002, Retirement Accounts (IRAs and 401Ks) have become even more beneficial, as contribution limits have increased as they continued to do through the past several years. Never before have individuals had so many IRA choices and the opportunity to save as much in an IRA. Whether you choose a Traditional or Roth IRA, each offers their own unique advantages.

A member of Encompass Financial Advisors can help you, as an individual saving for retirement, choose from among the many programs to determine the best fit for your retirement needs. Encompass Financial Advisors has worked with corporations of many sizes in developing retirement programs for their employees. A plan structured and administered by Encompass Financial Advisors can work in harmony with your human resources department, saving time and resources, while providing employees with outstanding retirement options.

Encompass Wealth Management Focus Areas

We have identified 13 essential focus areas that we feel must be addressed in the lives of most of the people we serve. Some of these focus areas may not presently apply to your situation. You may also have multiple focus areas, and you can prioritize the order of importance as you choose to address them. It is important that you include all members of your professional team in the planning process, including your attorney, tax professional, and financial advisor.


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